The Sri Yantra revisited

To fully appreciate how to manifest light in this reality, we need to understand that the pyramids are actually based on the creation pattern, or Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra is the outward manifestation of the vibration Gb (F#), and this note is singular in creating a vortex within an octahedron.

The Sri Yantra is composed of 26 outer triangles (13 x 2) and 17 inner ones. The large outer triangles have base angles of 51 degrees. The pyramids also have angles of 51 degrees. So when we take a closer look at the triangles within the Sri Yantra, we can see the octahedron clearly. But we can also see half of this, or the pyramid.

The M point in the Sri Yantra is the black dot (bindu) in the middle and as such is elevated from the bottom of the upper large triangle which represets the Great Pyramid. Although it is situated in the middle of the octahedral eye, it also sits at the centre of a downward-facing black triangle. The M point on the pyramid is located precisely at the “Queen’s Chamber” and this is the space where the mantra is intoned. This black triangle is not unlike the Mandelbrot Set, a self-similar pattern of energy which blossoms infinitely inward and outward.

The Queen’s Chamber is for those wishing to know God and the universe, and aligns the initiate with Earth’s highest chakra. The human body then becomes the capstone.

The “King’s Chamber” is for healing. When the initiate prepares themselves in the King’s chamber they are imitating a chicken-in-the-egg scenario. The pyramid is acting as a giant lens, and IMPRINTS energy into the candidate. (13 dominates its dimensional composition). The human heart center generates a bioelectromagnetic field that is by far the strongest aspect of the human energy field. The bioelectromagnetic field of the heart is around 5,000 times stronger than that produced by the brain and can be measured several feet away from the body. When a candidate lies within the coffer (properly aligned), the higher energies of the pyramid are infusing themselves into them. The light is operating in holographic fashion and literally perfecting and correcting the human DNA. The God aspect of man, or our greatest potentiality, is then vibrated into us.

So the King’s Chamber boosts the health of the initiate and this power is represented by the number 17.

This is the pattern the medical caduceus is based on. In artwork, these twin snakes form into one and emerge from a god’s forehead (with the vulture)—signifying mastery of the above and below worlds.

When the light focuses on a subject, the heart and blood vortexes are filled with light. The human initiate becomes mostly light, with little physicality. The coffer is made of quartz, which resonates at 33 thousand khz. When the OHM frequency is intoned by the initiate the higher vibrations are infused into their body at this frequency.

To understand the fundamental purpose of this structure, we need to look at the hue, nature and saturation of light.

For we are the hu-man, or light-man.

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