Point M

If we view an inverted octahedron as the infinite manifestation of a higher dimension where time has been reduced to a singularity, then the torus represents the shape that naturally forms in a lower vibration universe to protect itself.

If you ever stumble upon a torus shape in nature, you know that a vortex lies within. Going further, if something is “alive” it will demonstrate the torus at a cellular level. Because for something to be alive, it must contain the reversed octahedral vortex, which is really spirit energy.

Your heart is a tube torus and so are your blood cells.

In other words, spirit is manifesting in your body at a very fundamental level.
What it shows is that spirit energy constantly infuses us.

Tori manifest all the time on a macro level too. Often you won’t see the torus because it often only energy lines that are invisible to the naked eye against the blackness of space.

The best shape for artificial environments in space is a torus. It is a unique shape for protecting an environment.

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