Frequently Asked Questions

What is

The site was created in 2003 as an advanced guide to esoteric knowledge. It is also intended to be a beacon of awareness and understanding as Earth moves through a challenging transition period. The material is also a call to action: advanced readers will be intuitively aware of what is appropriate in the years to come.

How is structured?

The website lacks a site map and navigation bar. The topics are best read in a sequential fashion. The terminology and wording has been made as accessible as possible.

Are you still adding topics to

Yes. The site willcontinue to grow as I add material from time to time.

Can I submit a story to

Absolutely. Please be aware that I have tried to write “between the gaps”. In other words, to choose topics that have not been covered in advanced media. There are other sites out there dealing with similar material, but I would encourage any submissions to be based around esoteric/dimensional physics. In terms of the diction, explain as you would a child.

How do I report bugs that I find on

Just drop me a line.

Are the magic-point stories copyrighted?

By default the stories are copyrighted under the Creative Commons License, although authors can also select other options. This allows anyone to copy and distribute them for non-commercial purposes as long as they credit the original author. At a deeper level, however, the knowledge contained within this website really belongs to no man: it is eternal.

Can I copy magic point stories to my site or print them in my newsletter?

Yes, as long as your site or newsletter is not commercial. If you want to use them commercially, you must contact me for additional rights.

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