The 26 dimensions

Now imagine you are God creating the OHM sound and breathing life into the universe. The void has no plane of reference and so you are generating the Sri Yantra without distinguishing between physical and spiritual—they are really two sides of the same coin.

How many times can you collapse this figure around the central point, M?

In other words, how many times can you rotate, convert and invert this shape through M with a different combination of verticies A, B, C, D, E and F?

Well, 26 times. And point M is the ONLY geometrically significant point within this structure. It’s where God flows between realities.

Pythagoras spoke of the music of the spheres. He said that the universe is formed from numbers, numbers govern the way the planets orbit. Musical notes also follow mathematical sequences. Musical notes are part of the inverting/convering reality in which we live. A note is a number. A mantra is a number.


Once you align with our sub-space harmonic of Gb (F#) you’ll be able to flip in and out of this reality with ease.

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