Subjective reality

The universe and its rotating 26 dimensions and our human consciousness are one and the same thing. The paradox of quantum physics is that a particle only becomes real once you observe it. Thought equals reality: we live in a consensual universe.

The octahedron flips in and out of its two versions: from solid to nonsolid and back again. The two pyramids of the octahedron which convert and invert describe our physical reality and its relationship to the mirrored spirit worlds. The rotating octahedron is a map of the journey to the worlds beyond.

So this shape is actually spinning, collapsing and inverting. In other words it is alive, dynamic and changing. The unmanifest world of spirit yearns to be born in the physical.

The 17/51 energy collapses into our world…and animates it.

Every second of every day!

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