The word pyramid has been defined as fire within, however, the definition light within is more revealing. The pyramids are vastly important structures, built for a specific purpose. Here is a look at one, measured in royal cubits:

The golden ratio us used in this way: half of 440 multiplied by phi equals 356.

Discovering their function requires an advanced knowledge of sacred geometry, but more specifically an appreciation of the geometry of light. While the pyramids use the golden mean proportions, and their design has a direct relationship with the Flower of Life, the Vitruvian Man and by extension the relationships of the Earth and Moon, all three pyramids require a deeper understanding than this.

To grasp a measure of their significance, we need to understand light, dimensional space and how these relate to the octahedron. See how dynamic this form is? It changes before your eyes, inside and out.

The octahedron has 8 equilateral triangular faces, 6 vertices, and 12 edges. Four faces meet at each vertex.

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