The sound of silence

The Word was in the beginnning, and that very Word was with God, and God was that Word.

What does the Peshitta mean in this psalm from the Gospel According to Saint John?

What was the Word?

The word they refer to is a sound called OHM:

It is the mantra, the creation vibration.

OHM is the sound of the universe. It is the call which rings out when the world is active. It is the ancient sound by which we live; it has always been there.

OHM is the pranavah, or the primeval first mantra. The universe therefore consists of glorious trembling tones, of a wonderful vibration. Pythagoras called it the music of the spheres.

The word mantra flows from the Sanskrit word manatrana meaning advice or suggestion. The primeval sound OHM, if examined closely consists of three letters: A, U and M. The note created is AUM and has a similar vibratory tone to the Semitic “Amen”.

Yet as we pronounce this connection of sounds more and more, eventually we arrive at OHM.

Nada Brahma: the world is sound!

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