Axis to God

We’re looked at the design of the pyramids as a way to enter the singularity and align with divinity. The question now becomes: why?

To know, to grow, to explore and to share.

When you lie down at point M in a pyramid you enjoy an ecstatic experience. As the OHM field of the structure harmonises with you, it blows all the circuits in you body. In other words, it stimulates the spirit vortex in your heart and simultaneously all the smaller cellular ones in your body. It spins up all the vortexes infinitely and syncs you with M point. What are you really looking at below? A graphical representation of a musical note!

Once at the pyramid’s singularity, there is no more “me”. You are now one with God. You can do this because your pyramid is located PRECISELY on Earth’s crown chakra. You must now travel in before you can move outwards: this means that once you connect with the subspace field “in here”, you can experience anything “out there”.

Earth’s singularity is her eighth chakra: the field represented by the moon.

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