The Author

I would like to introduce myself…

My name is Richard Donald and I was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1973.

My path to truth was found through beauty. Beauty is most apparent in music, art and spirituality—the ephemeral disciplines. These fields make no dominant claims and are free to be pursued by anyone. They are also unifying in their sensibilities and that is why their great works resonate across time.

Science, on the other hand, makes pronouncements about universal field theories from the limited paradigm of causality—a system divorced from power. How can any theory be universal if it excludes other disciplines? If the deeper truths are immeasureable then how far can reductionistic science really take us? How do we develop a theory of everything that is divorced from love?

Duality must be transcended before the deeper truths reveal themselves, and that is why religion only takes us so far. If God is within, why do we need cathedrals? If women hold the divine bloodline, why is religion dominated by men?

As the alchemists of old always said, the secret of the universe can be written on a single stone. When the fields are united then we may take our place among the stars and join the rhythm of our sympathetic universe.

Ad maiora nati sumus!

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